No matter what, even the most ordinary exercises on a balance board will become more effective. This is an indispensable thing for anyone who leads an athletic lifestyle to maintain a strong physical shape and slimness. It acts on all muscle groups, including the hard-to-reach. It also helps promote coordination and helps you learn how to control your body.

How to start exercising?

Work out on the roller board by the following way:

  • Set the roller on the floor and put a board on top;
  • Check the safety of the construction (the roller may not slip);
  • Stand safely with your feet on the board (if you are a beginner, it is better to lean on the wall or a door jamb);
  • Try to hold on;
  • When you begin to manage to keep your balance, try to shift your weight on one side to the other.

If you have managed to go through all of the points above, you can move on to more complex training.


Balance board exercises

  • In order to pump all muscle groups as well as keep your body in great shape, you should try to practice:

    • Push-ups. Place the trainer in front of you and get on your knees. Rest your hands on the board with your palms under your shoulders, as close as possible to the edges. Do about 10 push-ups at a slow pace. After you have done a series of push-ups, try to break the balance with your hands, and also try to put it back in place. If this comes easy to you, keep it up to 20 times.
    • Squats. Stand on the board with your feet. Keep the distance a bit wider than the width of your shoulders. Take the correct starting position and start doing them. Such approach will increase the load on the body and allow you to work on coordination. To be more effective, throw and catch the ball during every approach.
    • Yoga. Practicing on the board combines physical and spiritual balance. Meditation in balance will saturate your body with energy and positivity for the whole day.
    • Blind balancing. You should try to blindfold and keep your balance. It's not so easy as it seems. Try to feel the distribution of the load so that you can learn to control your body completely. Try to make the exercise more complicated with each day. One example is to linger on one leg for 30 seconds (just be sure to ask for backup). The next step is the movement of the free leg in the air. You can draw out shapes or turn it in relation to your body.
    • Dumbbells. It combines the load on the vestibular apparatus, legs and arms. It is sufficient to perform a standard arm raises to the sides or above the head. It will not be so easy at first, so it is better to stand near the support.


    Your training session will be not only challenging, but also entertaining. The level of training has no effect at all, because everyone is able to learn training equipment. Try with а light loads, then increase the complexity, and you will achieve great success in a short time.

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