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Ex-board round balance board is an effective exercise machine for your body and balance. The diamete..

Balancing discs

The balancing round disc is unstable on the floor and is used for coordination and balance training. It strengthens the muscles of the whole body, especially stabilizing, which are rarely used in everyday life. Performing simple movements, you still have to strain the smallest parts of the body

Why do you need to buy a balancing disk

  • Exercises on such a simulator develop posture and flexibility
  • Develop the musculoskeletal system.
  • Increase joint tissue and restore ligaments
  • Harmoniously and evenly develop the body
  • Affect the receptors responsible for balance
  • Help maintain spiritual balance
  • Tones the body, charging it with energy
  • Provides a beneficial cardio load on the heart
  • Models with spikes do acupressure

You can endlessly list the benefits of the disk, its capabilities are not limited.

How to train on a disc?

To understand the essence of the complex, start with light exercise. It is not recommended to make sharp or fast movements - it threatens an injury. It is best to warm up a bit before the complex.

Try to just get up and go off the balance of the disk in equal steps. When you gain confidence, you can safely begin to perform the usual exercises of step aerobics and fitness. You will see how simple things can shine with colors and capture thanks to this unusual circle. With its help, you can also diversify the usual workouts in the gym, increasing their complexity and efficiency.

Types of simulators

The most popular models are:

  • Bosu. Half of a fitball made of solid material. With it it is good to carry out push-ups, and also to stand in a lath.
  • Massage pillow. Affects important points of our body, improving blood circulation. Very well suited for the prevention of flat feet and strengthening the ligaments.
  • Hemisphere. It differs in diameter depending on the purpose. Trains the vestibular apparatus and teaches to control the body.
  • Balancing disk. Universal simulator suitable for beginners and professionals. In the catalog of the online store you can see many models and buy with delivery at an attractive price.
  • Platform steppe or cor. This type is unstable and enhances the effect of cardio, strength training or aerobics. Suitable for developing the skills of snowboarders, skiers and surfers in the off-season.

To buy a balance disc, you need to add your favorite sample to the cart and place an order. The price of the simulator depends on the diameter of the product, material, quality of execution. We carry out delivery across all territory of Ukraine.