Balancing platforms

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Balancing hemisphere BOSU LiveUp 3570The Bosu balancing platform is a simple and compact simulator t..

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Balancing hemisphere BOSU BALL LS3611The Bosu balancing platform is a simple and compact exercise ma..

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Do you want to improve your coordination and balancing skills, perform powerful training of all musc..

Balancing platforms

The balancing cushion is a rigid unstable support in the shape of a disk with the hemisphere below. The balancing platform trainer perfectly strengthens muscles of all groups, even the most hidden. Performing light exercises on it, you will feel how tense all parts of your body are. The hemisphere for fitness has a great effect on the vestibular apparatus, develops a sense of coordination and balance.

Bosu: why one should buy it?

The main feature of the trainer (hemisphere) is its versatility. By practicing it, you will reach the maximum concentration, due to which you use the stabilizing muscles. Even during the most active sports, the body does not receive such an amount as exercises on the platform. The balancing hemisphere (platform) is a wonderful way to activate the musculoskeletal system. Regular exercises on it strengthen the muscles of the back and cortex, align the posture and spine. All this helps to relax the internal organs, prevent scoliosis, as well as improve general well-being. The massage surface of the pillow acts on sensitive points, improves blood circulation, removes fluid from the body, relieves edema, increases tone and gives a charge of energy.

When it is necessary to use the hemisphere exercise machine for balance?

The Bosu balancing cushion (hemisphere) which you can buy in our shop will be useful in the following cases:

  • Low efficiency or lack of effect in sports. An unstable surface makes the musculoskeletal system work much harder, which means that you will achieve great results twice as fast as without an exercise machine.
  • Risk of heart and circulatory system diseases. The massage surface improves blood circulation, prevents the development of cardiovascular pathologies, tones the body, eliminates headaches, spasms, normalizes sleep.
  • Assistance in the development of the child's body. The balancing platform acts on the cerebellum, which in turn is responsible for the vestibular apparatus. A child who exercises on a simulator twice a week is much better able to control his body, navigate in space, and also becomes physically endurable. Plus, a balance simulator can be a great attribute for games.
  • Developed flat feet. The rounded shape and massage spikes effectively fight flat feet, forming an elastic arch of the foot.
  • Passage of the rehabilitation period after back, leg and head injuries. By training a sense of balance, the disc perfectly returns injured people to a normal way of life.

The capabilities of the balancing disk are not limited, so you can list them for a long time.

Hemisphere for fitness: exercises

If you have never tried to train on a pillow, it is best to start with a simple exercise. The hemisphere, which can be bought in our store at an attractive price, is installed on the floor, you stand on it with your feet and try to keep your balance. In a couple of minutes you will feel how all the muscle groups tense up. After that, you can try to go and get up again, as soon as you gain confidence, start the standard exercises. To achieve a quick result, exercise regularly on the disk. You can perform movements from step aerobics, Pilates, master yoga asanas, warm up before dancing or gymnastics. You will notice how ordinary workouts have acquired colors, become more intense and fun. Only in our store the hemisphere for fitness is presented in different models to buy it it is enough to add model to the basket and to place the order. We carry out delivery across all territory of Ukraine.