What is balance board

  • What is balance board

Balance board is a sports set with the ability to develop coordination as well as to train different groups. Any practice on it is like the execution of stunts by circus performers. Standing on the simulator, your brain signals to all parts of the body and develop certain skills. It becomes easier and easier for you with each subsequent exercise.

What it's for

The balance board was invented in the late 1960s in the USA. The initial purpose was to sharpen the skills and abilities of surfers. Indeed, the most important task for any surfer is to know how to stay on the board.

The set is used today both in sports and in medicine. Considering it as a sports equipment, the benefit of the balance of the board is significant:

  • It works all muscle groups, including the hardest to reach ones;
  • Alleviates posture by strengthening of the back;
  • Develops the ankle joint perfectly, which is important for extreme sports;
  • Popular among acrobats and gymnasts in order to perform stunts;
  • Widely spread in yoga. At the time of practice to find a balance between physical and spiritual;
  • And the main thing is that it opened balance boarding which is a new trend for young people.

Regarding the application of the simulator in post-traumatic rehabilitation, his main directions are:

  • Spine strengthening;
  • Building muscles for better recovery;
  • Vestibular apparatus development;
  • Musculoskeletal system restoration.

It hasn't escaped the children's entertainment and developmental programs. Became not only a joyful game and hanging out with friends, but the development of many skills for children. As an example, spine straightening, elimination of speech defects, improvement of memory and much more.

What the balanceboard is

The kit consists of a board and a roller itself. Depending on the purpose, the board can have different shapes and sizes. In fact, there are manufacturers that put about ten variations of the board shape on the market, but actually there are only four basic shapes:

  • The original shape is the most conventional, but in demand. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Perfectly develops a sense of balance, coordination. A large number of designs as well as colors help you to choose a set to your liking.
  • Universal shape is suitable for children from 7 years and older. Capable of bearing up to 130 kg.
  • Sports forms. For perfecting riding skills on a snowboard fits an elongated form. That size will give you more space to perform tricks.
  • The tip of the nose like a Short Surf, as well as the increased diameter of the roller will bring you as close as possible to exercising on the wave.

  • The YogaBoard is ideal for practicing yoga. It gives slow movements, breathing exercises and meditation, everything for a great practice.
  • The Baby Shape is a scaled-down board for the baby. It will be easier to start learning on for the young rider. And funny colors will delight anyone.

Each board is covered with a stable non-slip coating for your safety. Regarding the roller, it is typically made of materials with a non-slip surface. The diameter depends on your own preferences and goals. If it' s your first experience, you should buy a small size in order to make it easier to get the hang of a deck.

After reading this article, it is clear that the balance board is a modern new kind of sport, available to everyone. He will strengthen the muscles of the bark, back, legs, and become a favorite activity to any weather. Compact size makes it possible to take on journeys, business trips and other rides. Don't waste your time in the gym, it is enough to give yourself 20 minutes a day the result will not be long in coming!

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