Balancing platform PS - 4023

Balancing platform PS - 4023

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  • Brand: Bosu
  • Product Code: BS04

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Main characteristics All specifications
Weight: 6 кг
Diameter: 58 см
Height: 30 см
Maximum load: 100 кг

Do you want to improve your coordination and balancing skills, perform powerful training of all muscle groups, improve posture and develop agility? There's nothing easier - the PS - 4023 balancing platform is just the perfect multifunctional trainer, which can be used in absolutely any setting. The weather is great outside and you want to work out in nature? Easy! The kit includes a pump with which you can easily deflate or inflate the platform. The Balance Platform is the ideal machine for anyone looking to keep fit all year round.

What balancing platform is?

This platform is able to replace several simulators at once, because it can be used for a variety of sports:

  • Yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • Step - aerobics;
  • Perform a variety of exercises.

The load evenly distributes to all muscle groups - just two to three sessions per week will help you to find the perfect figure, upgrade muscles and recharge with an excellent mood. It can be used in fitness centers (for example, as a cardio trainer), at home, in physical education classes - this trainer is very versatile.

The benefits of exercises

During training, not only the muscles are stressed, but also the cerebellum - thanks to this, you get an excellent sense of balance and coordination. The balance platform is simply designed for snowboarders, skiers, skaters, surfers, and active lifestyles - through training, you will feel comfortable and stable even in the strongest waves and on the steepest ski slopes.

In addition, exercising on the balancing platform will help you prepare for the challenges of real life:

  • You will be able to resist on slippery ice in winter;
  • You will not fall, stumbling in the twilight;
  • Strengthen the vestibular apparatus;
  • Get perfect "cubes" on your stomach;
  • You will be able to amaze everyone with virtuoso pirouettes on roller skates or snowboards.

Thanks to the attached resistance bands, you will be able to perform a wide variety of exercises - every day you will feel healthier and more coordinated. Even physiotherapists recommend it - this platform is simply a great tool for rebuilding muscles after injury or surgery. Such a simulator is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes - a positive charge, incredible tone and good health are guaranteed to you!

6 кг
58 см
30 см
Maximum load
100 кг