Baby's simulator "The eight"
  • Baby's simulator "The eight"

Baby's simulator "The eight"

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Deck length: 60 cm
Deck width: 30 cm
Fabric: Moisture resistant plywood
Age: from 2 years

The manual simulator for coordination improvement is now in new more complicated edition! The simulator is suitable for both small kids and children under 7 years. Your child will be able to play and train at the same time. Exercises with such a device develop coordination, teach to concentrate, help to remember the sides.

The shape of the board resembles an ordinary digit eight. A groove is made along the perimeter, in which metal balls roll. Inside the simulator, the groove diverges into several roads. During the game, you can alternate the path of the ball, thereby complicating the task. The board is reliably protected from mechanical influences, dust, dirt therefore will serve your child for a long time. It has a low weight, making it convenient to take with you.

Deck length
60 cm
Deck width
30 cm
Moisture resistant plywood
from 2 years