Children's balance board "Labyrinth"
  •  Children's balance board "Labyrinth"

Children's balance board "Labyrinth"

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Main characteristics All specifications
Deck length: 62 cm
Deck width: 46 cm
Deck thickness: 15 mm
Maximum load: 100 kg
Age: from 4 years

Children's balance board "Labyrinth" is a great gift for any child, because it is a universal toy simulator for anyone and for any holiday.

Now your child can play and develop muscles at the same time! The new balance board "Labyrinth" is a children's simulator for balance, improving coordination skills and balance in space. In addition, the children's board works well on all muscle groups, making the back, legs, arms and shoulders stronger. Properly distributed load on the body contributes to:

What is useful children's balance board Labyrinth for:

- level of concentration;

- all types of memory;

- language development - both oral and written;

- mathematical and logical abilities;

- analysis and synthesis of information;

- ability to plan;

- work of the emotional and volitional sphere.

Cerebellar stimulation is shown in the following conditions:

☘delayed mental development of varying severity

☘The problem of dysgraphia or dyslexia.

☘ Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder.

☘Autism and other states of the autism spectrum.


☘Lagoneurosis (stuttering).

☘Lag in the development of motility and coordination.

☘imperfection of the vestibular apparatus.

☘Behavioral disorders.

☘Uncollection, increased distraction.

☘Position disorders.

☘Problems with studying.

Training on balancing board:

✏ Improves motor-visual coordination;

✏ motor and intellectual abilities of the child are synchronized;

✏ concentration of attention improves;

✏ development of spatial imagination;

✏ increase the level of intelligence;

✏ body strengthening;

✏ straightens posture;

✏ forms the correct muscular skeleton.

The main feature of the simulator for children "Labyrinth" is its versatility. On a wooden board covered with a protective layer of varnish, a labyrinth is carved, in which a metal ball rolls. The child will be insanely happy with such a gift: standing on the balance board, she will try to roll the ball out of the maze, not noticing how his muscles and skills train themselves.

Benefits of the children's board "Labyrinth":

  • Not toxic
  • Safe to use
  • universal
  • without rolling pins
  • For all children from 3 years
  • Withstands up to 100 kg
  • Weighs only 2 kg;
  • Made in Ukraine;
  • Made of high-quality natural wood;
  • Easy to keep;
  • Easy to clean;
  • You can practice at home and on the street;
  • Water resistant;

Deck length
62 cm
Deck width
46 cm
Deck thickness
15 mm
Maximum load
100 kg
from 4 years