Balancing platform BOSU 25415

Balancing platform BOSU 25415

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  • Brand: Bosu
  • Product Code: BS02

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Main characteristics All specifications
Weight: 5,2 кг
Diameter: 58 см
Height: 30 см
Maximum load: 100 кг

If you want to build a perfect body, become confident, develop a sense of balance, then BOSU balancing platform blue 25415-14 will come in handy. The hemisphere of bright sky color is suitable for fitness, sports, step aerobics and even yoga. The set for the simulator comes with a set of expanders, which will perfectly upgrade muscle groups, even those that you did not know about. By placing the platform with its uneven part on the surface, you complicate the exercises and force the cerebellum, which is responsible for coordination, to work.

5,2 кг
58 см
30 см
Maximum load
100 кг