Balancing hemisphere LiveUp LS3611

Balancing hemisphere LiveUp LS3611

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Weight: 6,5 кг
Diameter: 58 см
Height: 30 см
Maximum load: 150 кг

Balancing hemisphere BOSU BALL LS3611

The Bosu balancing platform is a simple and compact exercise machine that can be used for various types of training - from strength to the most relaxing ones.

Training on this simulator activates not only large muscle groups, but also small muscle stabilizers, which it is extremely difficult to involve in work in another way.

Training on the balancing hemisphere BOSU perfectly develops a sense of balance, helps to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, corrects posture.

The simulator consists of a solid round base with two mounts for detachable tubular expanders on one side and a hemisphere made of durable soft non-slip plastic on the other.

The hemisphere can be inflated or inflated to the hardness you need.

The simulator can be used both spherical and flat side.

The handles of the exercise machine are firm. The rim of the base is wide. Expanders are not strong resistance.

Advantages of the LS 3611 over the LS 3570 model:

• more stable curved surface due to its smaller diameter and steeper walls

(Diameter of products is identical, but different width of a rim of a basis)

• more stable on the floor due to the wide rim of the base

• denser material of expander handles provides greater resistance and less trajectory of hand movements

• Wider lunch base

• hard plastic handles

• more weight due to a more massive base

• no texture on the curved surface

Balancing hemisphere BOSU BALL LiveUp LS3611 is used for classes:

• step aerobics;

• Pilates;

• stretching;

• interval training, when alternating aerobic and strength training;

Two detachable tubular expanders and a foot pump with inflation / inflation functions included

Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Diameter: 58 cm

Height: 30 cm

Weight: 6,5 kgs

The hemisphere for fitness BOSU BALL LiveUp is a new direction in the field of aerobics, fitness, yoga, cardio training and stretching. Try to stand on one leg to balance the pillow and in a minute you will feel how all the muscle groups are activated. This is the main feature of the exercises on the ball, training coordination, a sense of balance and work the whole body, from the shoulders to the feet.

The balancing hemisphere is also convenient. Thanks to a special valve and pump included, you can easily inflate and place it in a small bag, taking with you on any trip. The set also includes two tubular expanders on an elastic band. Balancing on the ball and at the same time making hand movements, you affect each vertebra, which trains the arms, shoulders, back muscles and corrects posture. Another feature of the hemisphere is that it can be used on both hard and soft sides. By changing the position, you will provide yourself with a variety of exercises for a long time.

6,5 кг
58 см
30 см
Maximum load
150 кг