Balancing hemisphere LiveUp 3570

Balancing hemisphere LiveUp 3570

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Main characteristics All specifications
Weight: 5,2 кг
Diameter: 58 см
Height: 30 см
Maximum load: 120 кг

Balancing hemisphere BOSU LiveUp 3570

The Bosu balancing platform is a simple and compact simulator that can be used for various types of training - from strength to the most relaxing.

Training on this simulator activates not only large muscle groups, but also small muscles-stabilizers, which are extremely difficult to involve into work another way.

Training on the balancing hemisphere BOSU perfectly develops a sense of balance, helps to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, correct posture.

The simulator consists of a solid round base with two mounts for detachable tubular expanders on one side and a hemisphere made of durable soft non-slip plastic on the other.

The hemisphere can be inflated or inflated to the hardness you need.

The simulator can be used both spherical and flat side.

The handles of the exercise machine are soft. The rim of the base is narrow. Expanders are strongly resistant.

Differences between the L3611 model and the LS 3570 model:

• more stable curved surface due to its smaller diameter and steeper walls

(Diameter of products is identical, but different width of a rim of a basis)

• narrower rim of the base

• less dense material of handles-expanders provides less resistance and a bigger trajectory of movement of hands

• soft plastic handles

• less weight due to less massive base

• texture on a curved surface

Balancing hemisphere BOSU BALL LiveUp 3570 is used for exercises:

• step aerobics;

• Pilates;

• stretching;

• interval training, when alternating aerobic and strength training;

Included: two detachable tubular expanders and a foot pump with inflation / inflation functions

Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Diameter: 58 cm

Height: 30 cm

Weight: 5200 g

Are you looking for the perfect exercise machine that is easy and pleasant to do? Meet - the balancing hemisphere BOSU BALL LS3570 is simply created for all who wish to find an ideal figure, to strengthen health, to raise a tone and to be charged with fine mood for all day.

What is the hemisphere?

The name of the simulator translates as "use from two sides". In fact, the elastic hemisphere allows you to perform a huge number of exercises, and use both sides of this unique simulator. In shape, the simulator resembles half a large ball attached to a rigid plastic base. A special hole allows you to easily release excess air - you can adjust the intensity of training and the degree of load.


Want to take it with you and exercise in nature? The set includes a pump - if desired, you can easily inflate and inflate it. It takes up very little space in the bag - you can even carry it in a city backpack or a small sports bag. Just take her with you on a hike, to the beach or a picnic with friends - a sea of ​​positive and fun is guaranteed.

The benefits of the balancing hemisphere

Just two sessions a week will help work those muscles that are not involved in the usual workout in the gym. In addition to a great figure and developed muscles, you will be able to develop excellent balance and improve posture. This unique simulator has a number of advantages:

You will be able to pump all muscle groups;

Get rid of extra pounds;

Get the perfect figure;

Strengthen the abdominal press;

Develop dexterity and flexibility;

Learn to own your own body;

Improve a sense of balance and coordination;

Recover from injuries and surgeries;

Increase tone;

Recharge your batteries and energy.

This simulator is recommended even by physiotherapists - the balancing platform is suitable for both beginners and professional athletes. After several months of training you will be able to feel confident on skateboards and snowboards, skis and roller skates, conquer the highest wave on a surfboard - balancing hemisphere is an incredibly versatile and interesting simulator that will be appreciated by people of all ages.

You will love this exciting sport so much that you just don't want to part with balancing the hemisphere for a minute.

5,2 кг
58 см
30 см
Maximum load
120 кг