Balancing platform BOSU BS-1924B

Balancing platform BOSU BS-1924B

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  • Brand: Bosu
  • Product Code: BS03

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Main characteristics All specifications
Weight: 5,3 kg
Diameter: 58 cm
Height: 23 cm
Maximum load: 100 kg

The Bosu BS-1924B Hemisphere is an excellent trainer that upgrades even the most hidden muscle groups in your body. The balance platform looks like a flat base with a hemisphere attached to it. You can practice both on the one hand and then on the other. All Bosu hemisphere exercises will be much more difficult, which will increase the load on the muscles. The set includes a pump and two expanders, which upgrade your back, arms and shoulders well. The balance trainer can be easily deflated and taken with you on any trip.

5,3 kg
58 cm
23 cm
Maximum load
100 kg