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Balance board 3D

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Main characteristics All specifications
Deck length: 75 cm
Deck width: 35 cm
Deck thickness: 15 mm
Roller diameter: 13 cm
Roller: In rubber, not slippery

The 3D simulator for the development of the sense of balance, trains all muscle groups well, making the body fit and slim. The balance board acts on the cerebellum, which is responsible for the coordination and balance of the body. The set includes a board and a roller. The rubberized roller is decorated at the end with the ExBoard corporate logo.

The board has a classic shape, which allows people of any skill level to practice on it. A stylish bright image is applied to the base using ultraviolet printing, which is characterized by high performance properties. For additional protection from external influences, the board is covered with two layers of varnish.

Benefits of 3D balance board:

  • There are no analogues in Ukraine;
  • Rubber-coated roller, non-slip surface
  • Safe to use;
  • The board does not slide on the roller;
  • Weighs only 5 kgs;
  • Made in Ukraine;
  • Made of high-quality natural wood;
  • The deck has the optimal length and width;
  • Provided with 2 stops on the sides of the deck;
  • Easy to keep;
  • Withstands up to 120 kgs;
  • Suitable for everyone from 10 years old
  • Easy to clean;
  • You can practice both at home and outdoors;
  • Water resistant;

For whom:

The balance board is versatile and suitable for both professional athletes and boarders and beginners.

This trainer is for those who wants to:

  • Improve balance and body awareness.
  • It's good to upgrade the stabilizing muscles.
  • Get a huge positive charge.
  • Maintain the feeling of a board underfoot, which is important for fans of surfing and snowboarding.
  • Make a cool gift for a loved one.

What does this board improve?

  • preparation for wakeboarding, kiteboarding, surfing
  • the opportunity to train in the offseason
  • builds up all muscle groups, including hard-to-reach ones
  • evens out posture by strengthening the back
  • perfectly develops the ankle joint
  • correct foot placement
  • improving balancing skills
Deck length
75 cm
Deck width
35 cm
Deck thickness
15 mm
Roller diameter
13 cm
In rubber, not slippery
Length of the roller
45 cm
Maximum load
120 kg
Deck material
Moisture resistant plywood
Manufacturer country