How to choose a balance board

  • How to choose a balance board

Balance board is a versatile exercise machine that helps to develop a sense of balance, improves coordination, tones and strengthens muscles. It is perfect for people who love sports or lead an active lifestyle. However, a large assortment of various models can be confusing. Many people simply do not know how to choose the most suitable balance board. Let's try to figure out what nuances you should pay attention to when choosing a simulator.

Important nuances when choosing a balance board

The main elements of the balance boards are a deck (a 15 millimeters thick board) and a roller. Decks length varies 70 to 85 centimeter, while the width is 30 to 40.

The rollers differ in their material of manufacture. It depends exactly on the material how much does the roller slide and how big weight the simulator can withstand.


 Versatile deck
 Elongated deck
 Wide deck

The length of the board should be selected depending on the height of the person. For example, long decks are more suitable for tall people. Boards of 75 centimeters are considered universal, since absolutely everyone feels comfortable on them. The optimum deck width is 35 centimeters. At the same time, all boards, without exception, are covered with several layers of varnish, have stoppers on the sides for safety and do not slip.



 Rubbered roller
 Roller made of pipe
 Cast roller

There are three types of rollers:

  • Inexpensive rollers. Usually, they are made of a regular pipe 12.5 cm in diameter.
  • Rollers of the middle price segment. They are made of 12.5 cm pipe as well, but covered with an additional layer of rubber.
  • Professional ones. They are cast (PVC-molded) rollers, which have a number of advantages.

Inexpensive rollers are suitable for both beginners and amateurs. Their distinctive features are: low price, small diameter, simple appearance and slightly slippery surface.

Rollers in the middle price segment are suitable for real fans of extreme sports and people who seriously intend to practice on a balance board. Rollers covered with rubber do not slip, have a small diameter and look more presentable than inexpensive ones.

Professional rollers are suitable not only for real fans of balance boards, who are seriously involved in this simulator, but also for amateurs. They can quickly learn how to keep balance and are great for practicing for people with different skill levels. The main advantages of professional rollers include:

  • They are made of durable PVC.
  • Do not slip.
  • 16 centimeters diameter, which allows you to perform movements with maximum amplitude.
  • They look great.
  • Withstand loads up to 200 kilograms.
  • They have excellent grip on the deck due to three special anti-slip bands.
  • Versatility, as they are suitable for people with different levels of training.


Most balance boards have beautiful and vibrant prints that give the board a personality. You can choose a model with any print when buying or even without any pattern at all.


Choosing the optimal balance board should be built on your own hobbies and the available budget. You should also pay attention to your height and level of training. It is better to buy a high-quality balance board at once, as it lasts longer and comfortable for everyone, regardless of physical form, age and physique.

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