Children's swing crib from 6 months
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Children's swing crib from 6 months

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Deck length: 82 cm
Deck width: 46 cm
Maximum load: 60 kg
Age: from 6 months
Deck material: Moisture resistant plywood

A universal, visually attractive and environmentally friendly toy that helps develop your child's imagination. It is available in several formats, which allows you to choose the right size depending on the growth and age of the child.

Bright decorative design can also be chosen based on the interior or personal preferences. The swing will help to lull the baby or teach the balance of an older child. It can also be an element of a variety of role-playing and moving games. The swing crib is made of high quality natural birch plywood and covered with acrylic enamel, which is absolutely safe for children. The product has a secure mount and an attractive appearance, which means for a long time will delight you and your child by participating in new and interesting games.


  • Height: 36 cm
  • Length: 82 cm
  • Width: 46 cm
  • Maximum load: 60 kg
  • Age: from 6 months
  • Materials: Natural alder, water-based varnish
Deck length
82 cm
Deck width
46 cm
Maximum load
60 kg
from 6 months
Deck material
Moisture resistant plywood
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